You Never Learn

It won’t be the monsters you can see. It will be indiscernible, desiccating. So subtle, you notice too late; stuck in the pot that slowly boiled. With you too spent to escape. It will be like you and me. Full of life and love and possibility. Full of promise and buried expectation. So much light, […]

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The Purpose of Should

An afterthought SHOULD HAVE A driving force for unrelenting guilt SHOULD HAVE shame SHOULD HAVE sorrow SHOULD HAVE SHOULD Say it enough and it’s meaningless Say it enough and it ceases to be Notions for when it’s too late to change When the results are in And everyone you love is gone When there’s nothing […]

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It sounded simple in theory. You telling me not to give money to people because I’m perpetuating, supporting addictions. But, I take issue. Call bullshit. You’ve also said, “Get healthcare. Cellphones. Walls.” STOP. Your stereotypes suck. Your agenda transparent. Word count: 39 Edition 8

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A Story Where

A story where I write about you, but you’re covered in changes. With enough rearranges, That someone could believe, At least, a bit more than me. A story where I write about you, but as tiny rabbit. Hit by a car, truck, or train. And all I can see is the skewed View from the […]

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– Poem 4 – Gloves

Long thin tail, dark corner Lift the cardboard Small rat, not moving Muddled brown Frown at swarming flies and accompanying smell Death reigns, dried blood Burnt sienna Plastic shopping bag glove Grip on the rat Slough of skin, plop of muscle nut-brown New glove: Tawny rat puppet Poem 4: Focuses on repeating a single color […]

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Sweetie Pie

Can you believe it? A perfect little fluff ball all curled up, purring in my lap. She’s the most wonderful, soft, cuddly, tiny sweetheart ever. Such a good Kitty. Hey, let me see her! It’s my turn! No, stop. Let go! Ow! Bad Kitty! Mom! Girls. Calm down. Kitties can be both. Good and bad […]

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Musical Dreams

Oh how I long for a romantic song Not about co-dependence and lack of boundary keeping. Make it mainstream With thoughts for the teens To ponder Perseverate And perhaps inspire change. Communication and owning what’s yours Admitting a wrong and forgiving. A new world will begin One we wish we lived in But never realized […]

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