The Slater’s are a family full of mental illness, Lydia Slater just doesn’t know it yet. Family is supposed to be there. No matter what. Lydia learns the hard way that that’s not always the case. At fifteen, she’s been able to handle what life has thrown her way because of her big brother, Steve. When Steve develops a serious mental illness, and is lost to a world of hallucinations, Lydia’s life collapses. She must learn to trust in the goodness of others and reach out to them for help. Before that can happen, Lydia will need to believe in herself. Take is a young adult contemporary that begs the question, “What would you do if the one person you relied on lost their mind?”


Waking up on wet asphalt covered in blood, Simone knows she should’ve died. Her recovery, lonely and painful, doesn’t feel like the miracle others are making it out to be. Every time she walks into a room, something bad happens. People are getting hurt. People are dying. She’s in their space. Simone is convinced the only way to set things right, is to do what she should have done in the first place and … die.