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I know, I know. We all think we’re surrounded by idiots. We never think that we’re the idiot That surrounds. But in reality We are. It’s good to know To be aware. Therefore, I am an idiot surrounding someone right now.

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What it’s like. For you.

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Just listen. Don’t fix this twisting fire in my chest. These broken shards at my feet. My astonishment and shock at the actual physical pain. Just watch. Me weep. This hollowed chamber. My empty shell with soundless wails. Torrential and endless. Just sit. Your hand on my heart and hear…

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How can we hate each other when we’re all trying to do the same thing? We hate each other. We ignore. Neglect. Beat. Rape. Kill each other. But we all want the same thing. We refuse to help. Refuse to notice. To stop. To say something. To hold accountable. But…

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– Poem 4 – Gloves

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Long thin tail, dark corner Lift the cardboard Small rat, not moving Muddled brown Frown at swarming flies and accompanying smell Death reigns, dried blood Burnt sienna Plastic shopping bag glove Grip on the rat Slough of skin, plop of muscle nut-brown New glove: Tawny rat puppet Poem 4: Focuses…

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Success in Writing

I’m very excited to share my article published this morning with A Fine Parent, parenting blog, focusing on becoming better versions of ourselves as parents. I’ve loved working with them and being a part of their mission.

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It sounded simple in theory. You telling me not to give money to people because I’m perpetuating, supporting addictions. But, I take issue. Call bullshit. You’ve also said, “Get healthcare. Cellphones. Walls.” STOP. Your stereotypes suck. Your agenda transparent. Word count: 39 Edition 8

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Truth Behind Editing

You’re ready to do edits for me? You bet, I’ve got my red pen. Well, okay, thanks. I could use fresh eyes. I’m already on my third draft. Third, you say? Great. I’ll grab that hard copy, get it back to you in a bit. Done already? Nope, just the first five pages. Oh, whoa, […]

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