What are you fucking thinking? What are you fucking doing? Who the fuck do you think you are?

I don’t know.                 I don’t know.                Just lost.

Figure your shit out. There’s only one solution. Climb back on the crazy train. And hang on. You’re not going anywhere. You don’t know how.

I could figure it out.           I could stick up for me.

Please. You can’t. You don’t understand enough to argue. I’ll tell you what to do. You’ll do it. Because we all want the same thing. And that’s for me, I mean us, to be happy.

You don’t really care. You just want to secure me. Under your thumb. Shapeless. Faceless. Lost.

You’re ridiculous. I told you you didn’t get it. You’ve just validated my point.

I Must Just Be Jealous

It always pissed me off,
But I couldn’t say why.
It was cheap. It was easy.
All the excitement about getting high.

All sorts of explanations
wrapped around the act.
Opinions on addiction
And what these people must lack.

Really though,
It’s just unfair.
You skipping all the work
Others do to get there.

Wrapped with elations,
You didn’t earn.
A get rich quick scam
One that lets other burn.