Tables and graphs

You measure life By your successes But You create no charts, legends, or keys There is no presentation documenting the good Just burning images of all the bad Your loss Your hurt Your wasted time But each failure is actually a success Yes, you learned a valuable lesson Which ought to be followed with “Today I” […]

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My Family Is …

Passive aggressive bullies. Now,  Be Nice. Okay … Full of shit. Nope.  Try again. My family is full of people trying to make it.  Trying to make their life full.  Trying to navigate what they need, what they want, what changes their minds, what keeps them going, what pushes against them, what others need, what others […]

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Not To Be

Confused With Decorum Behavior A sign of the times? More accurately What we allow The choices you make. You own You are responsible You You choose Little by little Where we all end Up

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