I Must Just Be Jealous

It always pissed me off, But I couldn’t say why. It was cheap. It was easy. All the excitement about getting high. All sorts of explanations wrapped around the act. Opinions on addiction And what these people must lack. Really though, It’s just unfair. You skipping all the work Others do to get there. Wrapped […]

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Hey.  I got us donuts. Do you want a soda? We should pick up pie. And Pink vanilla wafers Ice cream Bag of powdered donuts Licorice Jerky Caramel macchiato – light ice Oh, and a scone Jelly beans You know  … Just a little treat. We need to think about dinner I could go for some Chinese.

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Not Mine

Are you sleeping well? I kept you up. You don’t need Me Our life What we made Well, I was wrong I left it all Made what I have And now You’re there I’ve no luxuries No drugs To drown No smokes To calm No booze To numb Just busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy […]

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