It’s probably not great to want to be numb all the time. Actually, I know it’s not great. And I’m not sure I want that. Want. There’s a word. Want. I want for nothing. Not really. I’m lucky to have what I’ve got. It’s more of a preference. I prefer to be numb all the […]

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Wonder Woman In Training

Now available at and Amazon Kindle unlimited. Click the cover for information. WONDER WOMAN IN TRAINING High school senior, Kate, is on her own for the first time in her life with no one to take care of but herself. Even across several hundred miles, her family crushes her independence and reminds her just […]

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Hope Is For Cowards

When you’re wishing for something that will likely not happen But try anyway … You hope. And when it ultimately  fails, you can say I had hoped … And then consolation from somewhere deep, nearby, far away. When you’ve wanted, dreamed, dared But don’t actually say it will happen … You hope. Hope is for cowards. […]

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Voices Unheard

We’re not listening, there is no ‘new’ way no ‘new’ cause no ‘new’ reason it’s the same as it ever was Too late, we feel it tragic loss incomprehensible loss senseless loss A glimpse, wasted now, at the unknowable pain fractured heart pleading soul Messages clear but unanswerable changes unable to be made the softness […]

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I really wanted to But, There was a wall, a mile high, smooth with no handholds. A fence, running long, draped with razor wire. It was a mound of dirt, insurmountable. A blade of grass, quaking in the wind. It couldn’t be done. Not overcome, curbed, conquered, or defeated. It was a snail trail. A crumb. A casting […]

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Lost To Us

A window A screen A light on inside You sitting at the table You reading a book A door A knocker A light on inside You tiptoeing You crouching A sliding glass door A screen A light on inside You on the couch back with your book A forehead resting on the wall A sob […]

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Something Beautiful

I want to write about something beautiful To be inspired by stories of the world But One must scour the pages for a positive To find a kindness One must reach passed The wretched behavior of Mothers and Sons Must shield against the atrocities of neighbors And the lost trust in our government and police […]

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Hey.  I got us donuts. Do you want a soda? We should pick up pie. And Pink vanilla wafers Ice cream Bag of powdered donuts Licorice Jerky Caramel macchiato – light ice Oh, and a scone Jelly beans You know  … Just a little treat. We need to think about dinner I could go for some Chinese.

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Out of Control He won’t listen, he won’t clean, he won’t speak, he won’t do anything. He’s indignant. He thinks he should be able to do everything for nothing. He blames.  Points his finger. Works to teach a lesson, He can’t know or even understand. He’s little. He’s a kid. He’s terrible. He breaks my […]

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My Family Is …

Passive aggressive bullies. Now,  Be Nice. Okay … Full of shit. Nope.  Try again. My family is full of people trying to make it.  Trying to make their life full.  Trying to navigate what they need, what they want, what changes their minds, what keeps them going, what pushes against them, what others need, what others […]

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