All This Wind

You shouldn’t be here. Not with all this Wind. Tendrils torn Sweeping loss, flakes of flesh Bits pealed away Steal away up to the sky This Wind. Tumbling, stumbling, skittering down the street. Pressed to a wall, a fence, a tree Brief rest before whisking off rolling, tearing, crumbling chunks of muscle The side of […]

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Tables and graphs

You measure life By your successes But You create no charts, legends, or keys There is no presentation documenting the good Just burning images of all the bad Your loss Your hurt Your wasted time But each failure is actually a success Yes, you learned a valuable lesson Which ought to be followed with “Today I” […]

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So, when you’re just about there Thinking You’ve done good You’ve finished You’re accomplished You can take a break It isn’t true You’ve got more To accomplish To keep To learn To Strive toward

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