It seems our agreement shifted. And if I wanted to I would. If I believed anything other than the past would repeat itself, I’d behave differently. If I had it in me, I’d be right back on board. But, I don’t have it in me. I don’t believe anything other than the past will repeat […]

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The Purpose of Should

An afterthought SHOULD HAVE A driving force for unrelenting guilt SHOULD HAVE shame SHOULD HAVE sorrow SHOULD HAVE SHOULD Say it enough and it’s meaningless Say it enough and it ceases to be Notions for when it’s too late to change When the results are in And everyone you love is gone When there’s nothing […]

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Wonder Woman In Training

Now available at Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle unlimited. Click the cover for information. WONDER WOMAN IN TRAINING High school senior, Kate, is on her own for the first time in her life with no one to take care of but herself. Even across several hundred miles, her family crushes her independence and reminds her just […]

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Get Here, You Say.

Climb over. Be here. You’re almost seen. I’m trying. I can’t grab on. Hurry up. My fingers slip. I lose my grip. Tumble back as far as I’ve come. Get up. Do it. I can’t. You Won’t. Twist away. Peel off. Retreat. Come back. Please. No.

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