Success in Writing

I’m very excited to share my article published this morning with A Fine Parent, parenting blog, focusing on becoming better versions of ourselves as parents. I’ve loved working with them and being a part of their mission.

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Bring It

Grateful for friends and nonjudgmental ER staff. Feeling pretty close to my limit, but we’ll see what tomorrow holds. I can take it.

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It seems our agreement shifted. And if I wanted to I would. If I believed anything other than the past would repeat itself, I’d behave differently. If I had it in me, I’d be right back on board. But, I don’t have it in me. I don’t believe anything other than the past will repeat […]

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i think i’m the worst sort of person. when is it okay to hurt someone else? when is it okay to say i can’t do this? only the worst sort would consider it. a person who thinks they deserve more than what they’ve got. that it could be better somewhere else. that constant waiting for […]

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Poem 3

For your unfettered consideration and undoubtedly refined thought, tell me how you interpret all of these changes that have come unexpected, unannounced, and unwanted into the lives of everyone who manages to pay attention and notice what wrongs have been done, ignored, and tragically encouraged with the enthusiasm of a two year-old child and the […]

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Maybe Give a Survey

An off topic bitch fest brought to you by me. Being told to give a survey to my students to find out how to make my class more fun is really just absolutely fucking ridiculous. Never mind that 12 year-old kids have no idea what they should do. They only know what they want. They […]

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Sweetie Pie

Can you believe it? A perfect little fluff ball all curled up, purring in my lap. She’s the most wonderful, soft, cuddly, tiny sweetheart ever. Such a good Kitty. Hey, let me see her! It’s my turn! No, stop. Let go! Ow! Bad Kitty! Mom! Girls. Calm down. Kitties can be both. Good and bad […]

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Not a Thief

Oh, my! Goodness me. Call the police! Granny? What happened? A man outside. A thief? Oh, yes. He took my breath away! Granny! So, not a thief. Oh, but there was a criminal Word count: 33

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How can we hate each other when we’re all trying to do the same thing? We hate each other. We ignore. Neglect. Beat. Rape. Kill each other. But we all want the same thing. We refuse to help. Refuse to notice. To stop. To say something. To hold accountable. But we all want the same […]

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