This weekend, I found a home for a sweet pup I was fostering. I had her living with me for almost a year. We built trust and safety. We worked on jumping up. We played frisbee. We ran. It was really difficult, but it was also really satisfying. I cried. I laughed. I gave her […]

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Hope Is For Cowards

When you’re wishing for something that will likely not happen But try anyway … You hope. And when it ultimately  fails, you can say I had hoped … And then consolation from somewhere deep, nearby, far away. When you’ve wanted, dreamed, dared But don’t actually say it will happen … You hope. Hope is for cowards. […]

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High Hopes

I’ve submitted my manuscript and, at long last,  am on the verge of possible success at finding an agent.  The feedback I received from my query transformed my manuscript.  Even if I do not get representation, I’ve been able to improve my work and I’m super grateful. I still prefer representation.

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