When Your Time Is Up

You know what you can’t do Without drawing attention? You can’t sprawl out on the sidewalk. Head down, resting on the concrete, watching a bug. Feet up, kicking. I guess you can, if you’re eight or ten. You could lie there for hours rubbing a rock back and forth And no one would bat an […]

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I really wanted to But, There was a wall, a mile high, smooth with no handholds. A fence, running long, draped with razor wire. It was a mound of dirt, insurmountable. A blade of grass, quaking in the wind. It couldn’t be done. Not overcome, curbed, conquered, or defeated. It was a snail trail. A crumb. A casting […]

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Lost To Us

A window A screen A light on inside You sitting at the table You reading a book A door A knocker A light on inside You tiptoeing You crouching A sliding glass door A screen A light on inside You on the couch back with your book A forehead resting on the wall A sob […]

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My Family Is …

Passive aggressive bullies. Now,  Be Nice. Okay … Full of shit. Nope.  Try again. My family is full of people trying to make it.  Trying to make their life full.  Trying to navigate what they need, what they want, what changes their minds, what keeps them going, what pushes against them, what others need, what others […]

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Kicked Out

I have been kicked out of many things in my life.  Some of them were institutions that promoted love  and understanding.  I was kicked out of Brownies – that’s the step below Girl Scouts.  You know that song you sing with your troop it has the line “My honor is to try and my duty […]

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From The Bed of A Recluse

I try Everyday To speak to my Family Mustered courage Gone to Waste All that energy? It took up my day Calming breaths Counting to ten Turning the doorknob Once again Venturing forward, halfway down the hall I say “Hello, what’s going on?” No movement, no response I turn back To my room Climb into […]

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