You’re Not Happy

What does it mean When someone tells you You’re not happy? Don’t tell me What I am. You’re projecting Clearly. I’m not happy? I’m fine. I am working For what I need. Perhaps you’re better off Considering yourself Instead of others You can’t say who is happy when you don’t know what drives them. You […]

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Try To Name It

It’s easy to be angry But also a waste if The heart of it all Goes unnamed and Unclaimed Vehement cries deny This is all anger Nothing else When you’re done Screaming Nothing’s changed Pause Try to name it What’s going on In your head? Your Body Chest compressed Jaws clenched Breath too fast Hands […]

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maybe it’s time for you to go

dinner isn’t ready. it won’t be. the stove is broken, the heating element snapped. there isn’t a clean dish in this house and we’re out of soap anyway. our food has spoiled. each veggie stalk moldy. fruit turned to mush. the bread ready for a penicillin harvest. there’s blood in the freezer, the meat thawed and […]

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Busy Being Them

Can there be an explanation for everything? A basic reason why that is Our trumpeting truth with which Knocks away the dusty deniers Ridiculous liars And the ugly clowns that come with them? Can there be just coincidence? A meeting of minds that contains The combination of elements creating what is Our awareness, but not our […]

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A Move to the Woods

I’d like to go for a walk in the woods A forest A grove A riverbank A valley A wet grassland A secluded marsh Along a fallen log I would find a tree and climb it And sit for awhile See the plants The birds The insects The amphibians The mollusks The mammals The reptiles I’d […]

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Civic Education

Public Policy Levels of Government Don’t be an idiot Learn who to contact Who does What Cooperate Identify Propose Approach Communicate It isn’t hard Just do it Do it anyway

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Why, Human?

Follow Through … Is it that hard? All I have are some: lifts exercises reading breathing reporting sharing weights grouping Cardio writing classes meetings Very little Considering the consequences. So, why, human? Can’t you follow through?

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Questions About My Behavior

I spend an awful lot of time feeling right. I know everything. I have every answer. I think everyone else in incompetent. Why do I do that? Why do I try to fix? Why don’t I let people tell me the answer? Why don’t I think they’re capable? Why don’t I let them be better […]

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I know, I know. We all think we’re surrounded by idiots. We never think that we’re the idiot That surrounds. But in reality We are. It’s good to know To be aware. Therefore, I am an idiot surrounding someone right now.

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