You’re Not Happy

What does it mean
When someone tells you
You’re not happy?

Don’t tell me
What I am.
You’re projecting

I’m not happy?
I’m fine.
I am working
For what I need.

Perhaps you’re better off
Considering yourself
Instead of others
You can’t say who is happy
when you don’t
know what drives them.

You can only speak for yourself.
Your own experiences.
Your own truth.

Be honest.
Figure out your
Own shit

Instead of distracting
With me.

Try To Name It


It’s easy to be angry
But also a waste if
The heart of it all
Goes unnamed and

Vehement cries deny
This is all anger
Nothing else

When you’re done
Nothing’s changed

Try to name it
What’s going on
In your head?
Your Body

Chest compressed
Jaws clenched
Breath too fast
Hands balled into fists

Try – Disappointment?
Try Again – Waste?
Try Again – boredom?

Name what it is
To be
Sick of waiting
Expectations too high
Life isn’t as hard
As we make it
Take care

Did you see the stars?
That bird?
Feel, hear, see

It’s all here,
You should be

maybe it’s time for you to go

dinner isn’t ready. it won’t be. the stove is broken, the heating element snapped. there isn’t a clean dish in this house and we’re out of soap anyway. our food has spoiled. each veggie stalk moldy. fruit turned to mush. the bread ready for a penicillin harvest. there’s blood in the freezer, the meat thawed and weeping. the fridge has thrown in the towel. besides, the cutting board cracked. our knives all dull. the bulb in the kitchen burned out. dining together, it cannot be, the table covered with empty. i can’t see the floor, through the mud and the leaves. the bristles all bent, so sweeping is out anyway. when will you realize it just will not work? there’s nothing i can do to fix this.

Busy Being Them


Can there be an explanation for everything?

A basic reason why that is

Our trumpeting truth with which

Knocks away the dusty deniers

Ridiculous liars

And the ugly clowns that come with them?

Can there be just coincidence?

A meeting of minds that contains

The combination of elements creating what is

Our awareness, but not our truth

Our ability to look back, but not within

Our incessant need to explain, but not understand

Our fervor for correction, but not acceptance.

Will there be us?

Just being us?

Or will we be too busy being them?

A Move to the Woods

I’d like to go for a walk in the woods

A forest

A grove

A riverbank

A valley

A wet grassland

A secluded marsh

Along a fallen log

I would find a tree and climb it

And sit for awhile

See the plants

The birds

The insects

The amphibians

The mollusks

The mammals

The reptiles

I’d live in the tree

Maybe just hug it

because it’s round

Questions About My Behavior

I spend an awful lot of time feeling right. I know everything. I have every answer. I think everyone else in incompetent.

Why do I do that? Why do I try to fix? Why don’t I let people tell me the answer? Why don’t I think they’re capable? Why don’t I let them be better than me?

They’re answer is the better choice. I can listen. I can let others lead.

Why do I think they need to be rescued? What’s happened that I am certain they can’t do anything by themselves? Why am I so frightened for their safety and protective of their feelings at the sake of their feelings?

I think I’m an asshole. I don’t know better. I don’t know everything. Is my behavior is reinforced? Expected?

I will not fall in line to be the way I’ve been. I will be in the present. I’ll let others lead. I’ll listen. Today.