A Conversation With Myself

What’re you doing? Get back! Don’t worry. I’m fine. I know what I’m doing. What if you don’t? And this all ends badly? Nothing will ever happen or become if I’m too afraid to try. Reconsider. No. No? You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know how this will turn out. Everything you’ve […]

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When Your Time Is Up

You know what you can’t do Without drawing attention? You can’t sprawl out on the sidewalk. Head down, resting on the concrete, watching a bug. Feet up, kicking. I guess you can, if you’re eight or ten. You could lie there for hours rubbing a rock back and forth And no one would bat an […]

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All This Wind

You shouldn’t be here. Not with all this Wind. Tendrils torn Sweeping loss, flakes of flesh Bits pealed away Steal away up to the sky This Wind. Tumbling, stumbling, skittering down the street. Pressed to a wall, a fence, a tree Brief rest before whisking off rolling, tearing, crumbling chunks of muscle The side of […]

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Lost To Us

A window A screen A light on inside You sitting at the table You reading a book A door A knocker A light on inside You tiptoeing You crouching A sliding glass door A screen A light on inside You on the couch back with your book A forehead resting on the wall A sob […]

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Questions About My Behavior

I spend an awful lot of time feeling right. I know everything. I have every answer. I think everyone else in incompetent. Why do I do that? Why do I try to fix? Why don’t I let people tell me the answer? Why don’t I think they’re capable? Why don’t I let them be better […]

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This House

What has happened? In this house We hid among the plates and mugs We crammed between hangers, pressed tight amongst dresses We burrowed into couch cushions Slunk down hallways Pressed tight against the walls Peered slowly around corners, edges, bookcases, shelves Crept close, peeked in, peeled back. Whispered What has happened?

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