Not Quite Shards

Cracked pane, lightning splintering jagged edge to edge Not quite shards, Plates hold Balanced New space created One to many Delicate footing Held fast With hope and Sheer will Not quite shards, Rumbling trucks pass by Rattle the smallest piece Loose A glinting shower Of dreams All shards now And an empty Pane

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Tables and graphs

You measure life By your successes But You create no charts, legends, or keys There is no presentation documenting the good Just burning images of all the bad Your loss Your hurt Your wasted time But each failure is actually a success Yes, you learned a valuable lesson Which ought to be followed with “Today I” […]

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Something Beautiful

I want to write about something beautiful To be inspired by stories of the world But One must scour the pages for a positive To find a kindness One must reach passed The wretched behavior of Mothers and Sons Must shield against the atrocities of neighbors And the lost trust in our government and police […]

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Creaking floorboards Announce my arrival Flickering lights Announce my intent Empty halls and silence Greet and dismay But I am A willow Bending back But never snapping And A stone Falling fast But never cracking Because I believe

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