Sitting With The Sad Few

I spend a lot of time in parking lots
not avoiding
but really most likely

I spend a lot of time
in empty lots
early in the morning

save for the sad few that
park and sit and wait

wait for clarity
wait for decision
wait for answers

vast empty spaces
have no answers
bulldozed and covered in an layer of asphalt
they only offer a place to sit

a place to wait
a place for nothing
a place to observe the emptiness

even when they’re full
sitting with the sad few
we park on opposite ends

avoid eye contact
avoid each other
avoid acknowledging that we’ve gathered

to be sad

2 thoughts on “Sitting With The Sad Few

  1. Empty parking lots and pedestrian cross walks are kissing cousins. Many folks believe that the outlined boundaries they offer the public are somehow concrete and inviolate. I guess that’s why people park too close to one another and believe other pedestrians will grant them a hassle free path across crowded streets. They are illusions of anonymity and delusions of an assumed civility.

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