Sitting With The Sad Few

I spend a lot of time in parking lots not avoiding but really most likely avoiding I spend a lot of time in empty lots early in the morning save for the sad few that park and sit and wait wait for clarity wait for decision wait for answers vast empty spaces have no answers […]

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A Story Where

A story where I write about you, but you’re covered in changes. With enough rearranges, That someone could believe, At least, a bit more than me. A story where I write about you, but as tiny rabbit. Hit by a car, truck, or train. And all I can see is the skewed View from the […]

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Voices Unheard

We’re not listening, there is no ‘new’ way no ‘new’ cause no ‘new’ reason it’s the same as it ever was Too late, we feel it tragic loss incomprehensible loss senseless loss A glimpse, wasted now, at the unknowable pain fractured heart pleading soul Messages clear but unanswerable changes unable to be made the softness […]

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When Your Time Is Up

You know what you can’t do Without drawing attention? You can’t sprawl out on the sidewalk. Head down, resting on the concrete, watching a bug. Feet up, kicking. I guess you can, if you’re eight or ten. You could lie there for hours rubbing a rock back and forth And no one would bat an […]

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All This Wind

You shouldn’t be here. Not with all this Wind. Tendrils torn Sweeping loss, flakes of flesh Bits pealed away Steal away up to the sky This Wind. Tumbling, stumbling, skittering down the street. Pressed to a wall, a fence, a tree Brief rest before whisking off rolling, tearing, crumbling chunks of muscle The side of […]

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losing the greatest of minds

god is an illusion. god is an excuse. i’m so angry i could weep. what would you do? would you hang up the sign? Or refuse? would you risk so much for one person? one stranger? one friend? one child? what will i do? i will love my neighbors. open my heart to each one. […]

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What They Said

Words To be ignored, reasoned through, dismissed The real betrayal Is in my brain Where the words leak Into my dreams Creating life: beating, kicking, missing Absence The words they said Are just words But they’ve bled Into my waking Walking life And the words they said Kill.

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Will you walk through And forget What you’ve done? Will you walk by And forget Who you lost? Will you walk in And forget where  you’ve been? Or Will you walk on without us?

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Lost To Us

A window A screen A light on inside You sitting at the table You reading a book A door A knocker A light on inside You tiptoeing You crouching A sliding glass door A screen A light on inside You on the couch back with your book A forehead resting on the wall A sob […]

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