Not To Be

Confused With Decorum Behavior A sign of the times? More accurately What we allow The choices you make. You own You are responsible You You choose Little by little Where we all end Up

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Not Mine

Are you sleeping well? I kept you up. You don’t need Me Our life What we made Well, I was wrong I left it all Made what I have And now You’re there I’ve no luxuries No drugs To drown No smokes To calm No booze To numb Just busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy […]

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Pockets and Opportunity It resonated Sadness of waiting For the perfect moment Of Just in case It reeked Of Weakness Of wanting Showed Fear Of never seeking Of Waste

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Boundaries Breakdown Short Stories

From a family of dysfunction, having appropriate boundaries doesn’t come naturally. Kate and Penny are at each other’s throats. Paul tries to keep out of the way. And mom loves her books. First in a series of  connected short stories: WONDER WOMAN IN TRAINING High school senior, Kate, is on her own for the first time […]

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