Sweetie Pie

Can you believe it? A perfect little fluff ball all curled up, purring in my lap.

She’s the most wonderful, soft, cuddly, tiny sweetheart ever.

Such a good Kitty.

Hey, let me see her! It’s my turn!

No, stop. Let go!

Ow! Bad Kitty! Mom!

Girls. Calm down. Kitties can be both. Good and bad do exist. Even in something precious.

3rd edition
Word count: 61

First Haiku-2

Pluma Passes Out

Pluma paced, preoccupied.
Perhaps, she went too far this time.
Her heart, she followed, though plummeting inside.

Pluma played it safe, you see, her designs always quite clean.
Pedestrian, pacifying, plain.


Pluma pulsed within, craving dynamic peppy seams.
Passion for fashion pushed her over the edge.
Now she waits for critics to drop their sledge.

The paper slips under her door.
Pluma pounces, peeks, prays.
And before she can pull her eyes away,
Pluma sees Princess Pud
On the full cover front page,
Parading about in her new favs

The headline reads:
Princess Pud Proudly Prances in Her New Pluma Puffy Pantses!

Puffy Pants are all the rage
Thanks to Pluma and her plucky passion for forward thinking fashion!

Oh, good god,
She can hardly believe it.
Pluma passes out
Just to conceive it.

All Hollows Gift

Chill in the Air

Dry, cold, whipping breeze

Clear sky, black pricked with light

Leaves cartwheel along the empty walk

Branches reach, snatch at my hair and my cloak

Expanse ahead, a sandy beach

Water, small ripples, no tide

Slicing, flashing, flickering light

A full moon low in the sky

Sweet sound, low mewling, hard to find

Shrouded in shadow, dark as the night, yellow eyes

A kitten calling

Shivering, damp, in the palm of my hand

Wrapped up in the edge of my cloak

Retreating, not thinking, scurrying out of the wood

To get home.