Sweetie Pie

Can you believe it? A perfect little fluff ball all curled up, purring in my lap. She’s the most wonderful, soft, cuddly, tiny sweetheart ever. Such a good Kitty. Hey, let me see her! It’s my turn! No, stop. Let go! Ow! Bad Kitty! Mom! Girls. Calm down. Kitties can be both. Good and bad […]

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Pluma Passes Out

Pluma paced, preoccupied. Perhaps, she went too far this time. Her heart, she followed, though plummeting inside. Pluma played it safe, you see, her designs always quite clean. Pedestrian, pacifying, plain. Please. Pluma pulsed within, craving dynamic peppy seams. Passion for fashion pushed her over the edge. Now she waits for critics to drop their […]

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All Hollows Gift

Chill in the Air Dry, cold, whipping breeze Clear sky, black pricked with light Leaves cartwheel along the empty walk Branches reach, snatch at my hair and my cloak Expanse ahead, a sandy beach Water, small ripples, no tide Slicing, flashing, flickering light A full moon low in the sky Sweet sound, low mewling, hard […]

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Parades and Chimneys

Once rejected and death threatened Sixteen years pass Theavery and Tearing Snatching of Bread and Brisket Chasing Pouncing Fighting and Spitting Claiming the pile of catnip Roll in the grass and Sun on the concrete Thunderous purr when you see me Sleep in your spot Thank you for staying Know that I love you and you […]

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