Big Ideas

Big ideas cancelled by
Little distractions
Disproportionate focus
Taking up all my time
To want to


These little distractions, these
Sandstorms, deposit layers of sediment
To obscure the path and the plan
To need to


Dunes soon form
Becoming barricades, a gigantic something
I cannot see beyond


Hopeless, asking how? Why?
What’s the point?

Photo by Paul Scott from FreeImages

Why Write When All This Shit Is Happening?


I haven’t been writing. I’ve actively avoided it.


Writing, focusing, fretting about little things in my life when all of this horrible shit is happening seems to me to be a waste


I tell myself, “write. write. write.”


“It keeps you sane.”

But it isn’t important when so much hate has been released from so many.

“The hate was always there.”

Was it? All of these people were faking all this time? They were kept under control and now that we have a leader that condones bad behavior, they’ve let loose their feelings? I don’t believe it. It can’t be true. People are better than that. I can’t write about personal struggles when there are people being persecuted because of their beliefs.

“That’s been happening since the dawn of time. Never stopped you before.”

It’s stopping me now.

“Is it?”

I feel paralyzed. Helpless. Terrified. What can I do?

“Don’t be distracted. Make the choices you’ve always made. Continue to send out love and connection and compassion. Be who you are. And write.”

It’s selfish.

“Is it?”

Intentional Forgetting

It’s easy to forget if you’re busy.

When constant interruption

Keeps you from focusing

On what’s wrong.

It’s easy to get lost

In constant entertainment

Overlooking your world

Just to be gone.

It’s easy to grow complacent

With constant distraction

Erasing your questions

Of what ought to belong.

It’s easy to ignore what you’re neglecting

If you’ve given up

What used to make you strong.

Pay attention!

Your mind is screaming.

Don’t forget!

It begs the night.

We’ve got to fix this!

Your conscience continues dreaming.

I don’t have to tell you

What is right.