Finished Yet?

When can I be done?
When we have enough to be finished.
But when will that be? I’m tired. My fingers hurt and my back is sore.
I’m sorry, sweetie, but we don’t have enough to be finished.
But …
Quiet, now. Complaining won’t get it done any faster.
Why are you crying?
Hush. Let’s get this done.
Do you think they’ll like it?
The people buying these?
Oh, I don’t know honey. They’ll probably just throw it away.
What? But it’s so beautiful and we work so hard.
It’s just the way it is. Finish up now.
Alright, momma.


Written for Moral Mondays (

5 thoughts on “Finished Yet?

  1. What a very sad tale, Effie. What many people have to do for money – and very little money too – is heartbreaking.
    Always lovely to see what we all come up with for Moral Mondays – we all come up with such different ideas, it’s great 🙂

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  2. A wonderful story, though troubling because it’s so real.
    I picture this third-world child working in a sweatshop type factory making toys that kids here wouldn’t spend 2 minutes playing with before they’re on to something else. My heart breaks for that child.
    Great emotion you’ve manage to capture here in such a short snippet.

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