How can we hate each other when we’re all trying to do the same thing? We hate each other. We ignore. Neglect. Beat. Rape. Kill each other. But we all want the same thing. We refuse to help. Refuse to notice. To stop. To say something. To hold accountable. But we all want the same […]

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Wonder Woman In Training

Now available at and Amazon Kindle unlimited. Click the cover for information. WONDER WOMAN IN TRAINING High school senior, Kate, is on her own for the first time in her life with no one to take care of but herself. Even across several hundred miles, her family crushes her independence and reminds her just […]

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We, The Brokenhearted

All of us are We, The Brokenhearted. And we, the brokenhearted, are blind to the others in our company. For our pain is most singular. We know It has not been asked of anyone before this day To live this loss. To suffer so completely. And we, the brokenhearted, search long, Hard through our despair […]

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Finished Yet?

When can I be done? When we have enough to be finished. But when will that be? I’m tired. My fingers hurt and my back is sore. I’m sorry, sweetie, but we don’t have enough to be finished. But … Quiet, now. Complaining won’t get it done any faster. Why are you crying? Hush. Let’s […]

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All This Wind

You shouldn’t be here. Not with all this Wind. Tendrils torn Sweeping loss, flakes of flesh Bits pealed away Steal away up to the sky This Wind. Tumbling, stumbling, skittering down the street. Pressed to a wall, a fence, a tree Brief rest before whisking off rolling, tearing, crumbling chunks of muscle The side of […]

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What They Said

Words To be ignored, reasoned through, dismissed The real betrayal Is in my brain Where the words leak Into my dreams Creating life: beating, kicking, missing Absence The words they said Are just words But they’ve bled Into my waking Walking life And the words they said Kill.

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Boundaries Chapter One

Boundaries Chapter One “Mom, come on, we’re going to be late.” I’m standing in my mom’s dining room waiting for her again. I’ve been ready to go for over an hour and I tried not saying anything to see if she could just get ready without me telling her to, but clearly she can’t. My […]

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Something Beautiful

I want to write about something beautiful To be inspired by stories of the world But One must scour the pages for a positive To find a kindness One must reach passed The wretched behavior of Mothers and Sons Must shield against the atrocities of neighbors And the lost trust in our government and police […]

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Out of Control He won’t listen, he won’t clean, he won’t speak, he won’t do anything. He’s indignant. He thinks he should be able to do everything for nothing. He blames.  Points his finger. Works to teach a lesson, He can’t know or even understand. He’s little. He’s a kid. He’s terrible. He breaks my […]

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Boundaries Breakdown Short Stories

From a family of dysfunction, having appropriate boundaries doesn’t come naturally. Kate and Penny are at each other’s throats. Paul tries to keep out of the way. And mom loves her books. First in a series of  connected short stories: WONDER WOMAN IN TRAINING High school senior, Kate, is on her own for the first time […]

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