What We pick

We’ve had hundreds, Even thousands, Of years and We still haven’t figured it out? Our stories on love. Our lessons. Our deep regrets. Are they Lies? Choices are made each moment. Could it be We really just don’t care? We don’t know how To take care of each other? Or Do we choose not to? […]

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It’s probably not great to want to be numb all the time. Actually, I know it’s not great. And I’m not sure I want that. Want. There’s a word. Want. I want for nothing. Not really. I’m lucky to have what I’ve got. It’s more of a preference. I prefer to be numb all the […]

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A Story Where

A story where I write about you, but you’re covered in changes. With enough rearranges, That someone could believe, At least, a bit more than me. A story where I write about you, but as tiny rabbit. Hit by a car, truck, or train. And all I can see is the skewed View from the […]

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We, The Brokenhearted

All of us are We, The Brokenhearted. And we, the brokenhearted, are blind to the others in our company. For our pain is most singular. We know It has not been asked of anyone before this day To live this loss. To suffer so completely. And we, the brokenhearted, search long, Hard through our despair […]

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A Conversation With Myself

What’re you doing? Get back! Don’t worry. I’m fine. I know what I’m doing. What if you don’t? And this all ends badly? Nothing will ever happen or become if I’m too afraid to try. Reconsider. No. No? You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know how this will turn out. Everything you’ve […]

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Finished Yet?

When can I be done? When we have enough to be finished. But when will that be? I’m tired. My fingers hurt and my back is sore. I’m sorry, sweetie, but we don’t have enough to be finished. But … Quiet, now. Complaining won’t get it done any faster. Why are you crying? Hush. Let’s […]

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Voices Unheard

We’re not listening, there is no ‘new’ way no ‘new’ cause no ‘new’ reason it’s the same as it ever was Too late, we feel it tragic loss incomprehensible loss senseless loss A glimpse, wasted now, at the unknowable pain fractured heart pleading soul Messages clear but unanswerable changes unable to be made the softness […]

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When Your Time Is Up

You know what you can’t do Without drawing attention? You can’t sprawl out on the sidewalk. Head down, resting on the concrete, watching a bug. Feet up, kicking. I guess you can, if you’re eight or ten. You could lie there for hours rubbing a rock back and forth And no one would bat an […]

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You’re Not Happy

What does it mean When someone tells you You’re not happy? Don’t tell me What I am. You’re projecting Clearly. I’m not happy? I’m fine. I am working For what I need. Perhaps you’re better off Considering yourself Instead of others You can’t say who is happy when you don’t know what drives them. You […]

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Try To Name It

It’s easy to be angry But also a waste if The heart of it all Goes unnamed and Unclaimed Vehement cries deny This is all anger Nothing else When you’re done Screaming Nothing’s changed Pause Try to name it What’s going on In your head? Your Body Chest compressed Jaws clenched Breath too fast Hands […]

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