An Abundance of Love

Each piece you hand out may never return. Giving it all away so freely, you must know dangers await. Without a string attached, it won’t know to return. How will you have more than what you’ve got, if you’re slapping it in the hand of every stranger that walks by? Surely, you could take more […]

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A Conversation With Myself

What’re you doing? Get back! Don’t worry. I’m fine. I know what I’m doing. What if you don’t? And this all ends badly? Nothing will ever happen or become if I’m too afraid to try. Reconsider. No. No? You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know how this will turn out. Everything you’ve […]

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All This Wind

You shouldn’t be here. Not with all this Wind. Tendrils torn Sweeping loss, flakes of flesh Bits pealed away Steal away up to the sky This Wind. Tumbling, stumbling, skittering down the street. Pressed to a wall, a fence, a tree Brief rest before whisking off rolling, tearing, crumbling chunks of muscle The side of […]

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losing the greatest of minds

god is an illusion. god is an excuse. i’m so angry i could weep. what would you do? would you hang up the sign? Or refuse? would you risk so much for one person? one stranger? one friend? one child? what will i do? i will love my neighbors. open my heart to each one. […]

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Will you walk through And forget What you’ve done? Will you walk by And forget Who you lost? Will you walk in And forget where  you’ve been? Or Will you walk on without us?

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Monsters Drive By

Sunny day or perhaps with clouds Rain and maybe wind Calm travel Stop at a light Turn left or Turn right When I glimpse it Terrible Teeth Mouth stretched wide Silent screaming Eyes peeled back Terror strikes I shriek Monsters Least suspected Just so briefly Mouths still closing Back to normal I’m still shaking Fright […]

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We’re Inexplicably Drawn

I find tunnels more frightening than woods and Neighbors more than strangers and Crowds more than isolation and Calm more than panic Each one Unpredictable, rash, volatile Familiarity is more dangerous than the obscure and Walking away more than toward and Comfort more than anguish and Love more than hate Each one with your back turned Attacks

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