Monsters Drive By

Sunny day or perhaps with clouds

Rain and maybe wind

Calm travel

Stop at a light

Turn left or

Turn right

When I glimpse it

Terrible Teeth

Mouth stretched wide

Silent screaming

Eyes peeled back

Terror strikes

I shriek


Least suspected

Just so briefly

Mouths still closing

Back to normal

I’m still shaking

Fright still fills me

Hear me now


Begging Please

Cover your mouth

When you Yawn


The Slater’s are a family full of mental illness, Lydia Slater just doesn’t know it yet.

Family is supposed to be there. No matter what. Lydia learns the hard way that that’s not always the case. At fifteen, she’s been able to handle what life has thrown her way because of her big brother, Steve. When Steve develops a serious mental illness, and is lost to a world of hallucinations, Lydia’s life collapses.

She must learn to trust in the goodness of others and reach out to them for help. Before that can happen, though, Lydia will need to believe in herself.

Take is a young adult contemporary that begs the question, “what would you do if the one person you relied on lost their mind?”