Maybe Give a Survey

An off topic bitch fest brought to you by me. Being told to give a survey to my students to find out how to make my class more fun is really just absolutely fucking ridiculous. Never mind that 12 year-old kids have no idea what they should do. They only know what they want. They […]

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Success in Writing

For several weeks now I’ve been assisting other writers as a development editor for an anthology coming out next summer. I’m really enjoying the process. Each story is so different in style, genre, POV, voice, etc. Each writer eager to dig into whatever we come upon to improve their work. It’s a great experience and […]

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Not a Thief

Oh, my! Goodness me. Call the police! Granny? What happened? A man outside. A thief? Oh, yes. He took my breath away! Granny! So, not a thief. Oh, but there was a criminal Word count: 33

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Pluma Passes Out

Pluma paced, preoccupied. Perhaps, she went too far this time. Her heart, she followed, though plummeting inside. Pluma played it safe, you see, her designs always quite clean. Pedestrian, pacifying, plain. Please. Pluma pulsed within, craving dynamic peppy seams. Passion for fashion pushed her over the edge. Now she waits for critics to drop their […]

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