It sounded simple in theory. You telling me not to give money to people because I’m perpetuating, supporting addictions. But, I take issue. Call bullshit. You’ve also said, “Get healthcare. Cellphones. Walls.” STOP. Your stereotypes suck. Your agenda transparent. Word count: 39 Edition 8

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Truth Behind Editing

You’re ready to do edits for me? You bet, I’ve got my red pen. Well, okay, thanks. I could use fresh eyes. I’m already on my third draft. Third, you say? Great. I’ll grab that hard copy, get it back to you in a bit. Done already? Nope, just the first five pages. Oh, whoa, […]

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Sweetie Pie

Can you believe it? A perfect little fluff ball all curled up, purring in my lap. She’s the most wonderful, soft, cuddly, tiny sweetheart ever. Such a good Kitty. Hey, let me see her! It’s my turn! No, stop. Let go! Ow! Bad Kitty! Mom! Girls. Calm down. Kitties can be both. Good and bad […]

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Not a Thief

Oh, my! Goodness me. Call the police! Granny? What happened? A man outside. A thief? Oh, yes. He took my breath away! Granny! So, not a thief. Oh, but there was a criminal Word count: 33

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