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We’ve had hundreds, Even thousands, Of years and We still haven’t figured it out? Our stories on love. Our lessons. Our deep regrets. Are they Lies? Choices are made each moment. Could it be We really just don’t care? We don’t know how To take care of each other? Or Do we choose not to? […]

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I Must Just Be Jealous

It always pissed me off, But I couldn’t say why. It was cheap. It was easy. All the excitement about getting high. All sorts of explanations wrapped around the act. Opinions on addiction And what these people must lack. Really though, It’s just unfair. You skipping all the work Others do to get there. Wrapped […]

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How can you presume to know better than me? The rain doesn’t fall because it’s good for the trees. The stars do not shine to earn your admiration. The tides come and go but not for your thoughtful provocation. Birds sing for themselves. Branches rustle because they’re there. The sun rises The sun sets That’s […]

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