More than 10 people died this year. I wish you’d pay attention to that instead of someone that was in a movie that you liked when you were little. Countless moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends were lost to us. People who loved. People who mattered. People who changed the world. People that deserved more. Deserved […]

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We, The Brokenhearted

All of us are We, The Brokenhearted. And we, the brokenhearted, are blind to the others in our company. For our pain is most singular. We know It has not been asked of anyone before this day To live this loss. To suffer so completely. And we, the brokenhearted, search long, Hard through our despair […]

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Finished Yet?

When can I be done? When we have enough to be finished. But when will that be? I’m tired. My fingers hurt and my back is sore. I’m sorry, sweetie, but we don’t have enough to be finished. But … Quiet, now. Complaining won’t get it done any faster. Why are you crying? Hush. Let’s […]

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