maybe it’s time for you to go

dinner isn’t ready. it won’t be. the stove is broken, the heating element snapped. there isn’t a clean dish in this house and we’re out of soap anyway. our food has spoiled. each veggie stalk moldy. fruit turned to mush. the bread ready for a penicillin harvest. there’s blood in the freezer, the meat thawed and […]

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Lost To Us

A window A screen A light on inside You sitting at the table You reading a book A door A knocker A light on inside You tiptoeing You crouching A sliding glass door A screen A light on inside You on the couch back with your book A forehead resting on the wall A sob […]

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Creaking floorboards Announce my arrival Flickering lights Announce my intent Empty halls and silence Greet and dismay But I am A willow Bending back But never snapping And A stone Falling fast But never cracking Because I believe

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Digging through Boxes Yellowing tape Peeled back A clash of swords A twist of pain A slight of hand A ghost of memory Of me Of you Of Us

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After all this Waiting Planning Hope Lost to sharp claws And neglect Pieces missing But rescued just the same Back turned Snapping jaws Into the garbage Maybe Next Friday

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From The Bed of A Recluse

I try Everyday To speak to my Family Mustered courage Gone to Waste All that energy? It took up my day Calming breaths Counting to ten Turning the doorknob Once again Venturing forward, halfway down the hall I say “Hello, what’s going on?” No movement, no response I turn back To my room Climb into […]

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