Success in Writing

I’m very excited to share my article published this morning with A Fine Parent, parenting blog, focusing on becoming better versions of ourselves as parents. I’ve loved working with them and being a part of their mission.

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Pluma Passes Out

Pluma paced, preoccupied. Perhaps, she went too far this time. Her heart, she followed, though plummeting inside. Pluma played it safe, you see, her designs always quite clean. Pedestrian, pacifying, plain. Please. Pluma pulsed within, craving dynamic peppy seams. Passion for fashion pushed her over the edge. Now she waits for critics to drop their […]

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A Move to the Woods

I’d like to go for a walk in the woods A forest A grove A riverbank A valley A wet grassland A secluded marsh Along a fallen log I would find a tree and climb it And sit for awhile See the plants The birds The insects The amphibians The mollusks The mammals The reptiles I’d […]

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So.  When I think you should do something that you don’t.  We’re able to work it out.  I appreciate it. Thanks.

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